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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Conference going to be held in Advanced Materials

22nd International Conference on Polymer Characterization organized by World Forum on Advanced Materials (PolyChar-22) is going to be held from April 7 in Stellenbosch, South Africa. According to Professor Peter Mallon of University of Stellenbosch, South Africa the program will end formally in 10th April.
It is worthy to remember here that Polychar-19 was held in Kathmandu, Nepal in mid April 2011. It was organized by Nepal Polymer Society.   
Assoc. Prof. Rameshwar Adhikari  is the Chairman of this Organization.

More about the Polychar-22, any one can contact directly to Prof. P Mallon in his personal email address.

- From IUPAC News 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Explosive Chemicals and Detonators threatens the 2nd CA poll in Nepal

The CA poll which is scheduled for 19th November 2013 has been continuously marred by the Baidhya Maoist and their alley wings. Theses parties are not enrolled in the main election and are trying to fail the Election campaign led by other party candidates.

The threat of life has been increasing in recent days since several explosive chemicals and detonators, cooker bomb, petrol bomb are being deployed on the main entrance gate of several innocent people. The buses are at halt due the strike called by Maoist(Baidhya) led parties. Light vehicles are at the target of the strikers. There is no any day which is far beyond the main news of bombing on the running micro bus or motorcycles.

Due the Election  and strike the Central Department of Chemistry (CDC), Kirtipur has been closed. Other educational institutes are also closed. Different programs like seminars, discussion programs and thesis defense programs related to the Chemistry have been postponed in the Central Department of Chemistry, Kirtipur till 21st November 2013.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Symposia on Advanced Materials is to be held in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Symposia on Advanced Materials - 2012
(May 9-12)
(KaSAM 2012)

A Symposia on Advanced Materials is to held in Kathmandu on May 9-12,2012. Kathmandu symposia on Advanced Materials (KaSAM) is an IUPAC sponsered program.
The KaSAM is aimed at strengthening
networking of materials scientists from South Asian Countries with those from
rest of the world; and has the motto: Cross-Linking Science and Virtues.
The objective of the KaSAM International Conference is to provide rigorous
discussion forum for the materials scientists on recent advances, challenges
and solution paths in different areas of Materials Science and Engineering
(MSE). Polymeric Materials will form integral part of KaSAM endeavours. The
conference is hoped to be a milestone also in promoting education and
researches in the field of advanced materials in Nepal.
The KaSAM-2012 will focus on Nanostructured
and Biorelated Materials providing a platform for presentation of
innovations in MSE from academia and industries. The conference will be
accompanied by a one day Short Course: Recent Trends in Materials Science
and a one day special Workshop: All about Bamboo.
The Short Course is targeted to the
students, young researchers and new comers in the field and will give an
overview of recent developments and research trends in synthesis,
characterization and applications of new materials. The idea behind the Bamboo
Workshop is to bring the experts involved in agriculture, environmental
issues, economy and technological aspects of this nature’s wonder material
together in a common platform in order to discuss the issues such as
advancements in the bamboo science including potential utilization in
fabrication of new materials, impacts on environment.

Organized by
Nepal Polymer
Institute (NPI), Kathmandu in association with
University, Kathmandu; Kathmandu University, Kavre and Université de Rouen,
Venue: Park Village
Resort & Hotel, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu

IUPAC Sponsored Conference

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Women in Chemistry

The creation of beautiful colors, decorative instruments, clothes, jewelry and even food is due to the contribution of Chemistry. And the proper use of those things is performing mostly by women. Chemistry is considered as a creative part of general sciences. We food that we eat, air that we breathe , clothes, medicines and cleansing agents all are the beautiful gifts of Chemistry. Not only these, chemistry also works in the field of destruction if it is necessary. Atomic bomb is the destructive product of chemistry. Every single material in the universe is a chemical and the ability to understand and manipulate these chemicals is found mostly in women. We should not forget that, we all are chemist because, we all use chemicals and even our body is storage of chemicals. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are using chemicals in every moment of our life. Whereas, women are regarded as mostly chemical users. This is because they have to look after their kids, clean their houses, wash their clothes, and prepare food etc. comparing with man they use chemicals more. They are also as creative as chemistry. Many handicrafts, dyes, ornaments etc are prepared on the behalf of women and chemistry. Here it is also important to know that chemistry is an experimental subject which is exhibited by the activities and creations of women. They might use chemicals without the theoretical knowledge of their properties. But they are expert in its use experimentally. It is involved in everything; it is the basis of life without which we couldn’t exist. Normally chemicals are found to be miscible or they can make good relationship with any other substance. Similarly, women are also considered as a good relationship building creation of god.

On the other hand, we can find out the name of famous women chemist in huge number. Who have contributed their best in the field of chemistry and are the Nobel Prize receiver too. It is not such easy to kiss the peak of success as we think. Again in case of women it is further more difficult task. Mainly in eastern society, there is a large distance between male and female. Women are not allowed to be such free in their research work, field work, education etc as men. Naturally or physically, they are poor in such a constructive work. Their family members, society and all other who knows them are in against of their freedom. So it is a great challenging issue for women to achieve their goal. However they did not loose their passion and are not losing too, which is directing them on the way of success. It is not sure that all the gentle man could achieve success in their field of work if they have to stay in the boundary of society as woman. Thus, we have to respect women’s hard working, honest and laborious behavior.

Especially in the field of chemistry, a huge number of women have contributed their best. They invented many instruments, chemicals and theories too. Their discovery is working well in the world till now. We are well known about the name and properties of different medicines, dyes, machines etc. but unfortunately, the name of inventors are kept behind of it. No one is taking it as a serious matter till now. I think, it is very important to know the inventor of any instruments or chemicals. Either the inventor is male or female. Somewhat the name of male chemist is well-known but it of female is always hidden. Which is affecting upcoming female chemist badly?

However, we are now in this stage, we can do our work as quickly as we want. We can test the purity of any substances if we want which was only in the imagination of our ancestors. This is all due to the great achievement in the field of chemistry. And in most of them women’s participation is also a assisting factor. Here I want to remember some immortal and famous women chemist without wasting my time. First of all one of the honorable woman chemist is Marie Curie who pioneered radioactivity research. She was the first two times Nobel laureate and the only person to win the award in two different sciences. She was also the first woman to a Nobel Prize. Similarly, Marie Haldenstein is also another unforgettable name in the list of woman chemist. She developed ultra sensitive chemical detection and medical diagnostic tests. Another woman who sacrificed her life in the field of chemistry and probes DNA with electrons is Jacqueline Barton. Here, we should not forget the name of Edith Flannigan whoinvented a process for making synthetic emeralds. In addition to their use for making beautiful jewelry, the perfect emeralds made it possible to make powerful micro wave lasers. She received the first Perkin medal ever awarded to a woman for her work synthesizing zeolites in 1992. M. Katharine Holloway and Chen Zhao are two of the chemists who developed protease inhibitors to inactive the HIV virus, greatly extending the lives of aids patients.

These are only some representative names who have contributed a lot in the field of chemistry. There are many other woman chemist who have done their best and whose discovery is still working in favour of human. Many of them have left this world although; their inventions or creations are still alive and will be immortal till the existence of the sun and the earth. It is as important to recall the name of women who makes our life easier due to their unexpected success as men. In my opinion, appreciation for their discovery is the most important factor for them to be satisfied. If we couldn’t remind their achievement as well their name who have passed out already then, their soul wont get peace.

Further more, not only those certain inventions are enough for this world. This world is lacking more such creations and discovery which is possible only due to continuous labor and hard study. And it is possible due by women as well as men. If women are well treated, if they are allowed to face on the light of education and if they get such a freedom and security as men for their research then it is sure that the result will be the best. Without women chemistry won’t be completed. Chemistry always lacks involvement of women because; they are the best users of chemicals. Hence, we all have to assist women from our side and level for their best result in the field of chemistry. This is because, chemistry only meet all the criteria for the study of matters. Finally, I want to conclude my essay that, woman and chemistry both are the fundamental part for the survival of all the creatures. If we encourage women in their deeds then only the world will get essential and the best result in chemistry. There is nothing impossible for women if they want and if they get our support. So, let’s walk hand in hand for the appreciation and encouragement of women in chemistry.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

M.Sc.2nd yr exam is over

Athough the TU Calender has fixed a shedule to complete the 2nd year exam with in Chitra(March\April) month but a bad emergence of student politics has pushed back the shedule . According to a staff of Deans Office , Kirtipur,Kathmandu its all due to student politician who are poaching the Oldest University of Nepal only for their limited selfish and inetrest. "They have put nearly 2000 students life into uncertainty" he told in a short conversation with this columnist.
But the student leader do not agree with the statement of staff. They blame to the incapability of the post holder in the TU for the alteration of TU Calender.

Atually Masters course is of two years but it takes nearly four years for the full completion. Now onwards the TU official have promised to be strict in TU Calender and complete all the course with in the stipulated time.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

IUPAC awarded the 2011 winners of the IUPAC Prof. Jiang Novel Materials Youth Prize

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) awarded two winners of the IUPAC Prof. Jiang Novel Materials Youth Prize for the year 2011 at the 7th International Conference on Novel Materials and their Synthesis, which was organized in Shanghai during 16-21 October, 2011.
The two winners are:
  • Prof. Dr. Zhibo Li, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  • Dr. Jr-Hau He, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, China

The winners each received a cash prize of USD 1000 and a refunding of return air-tickets to the IUPAC 7th International Conference on Novel Materials and their Synthesis. Each prizewinner was invited to present a Keynote Lecture at the IUPAC Conference describing their award winning work and to submit a short critical review on aspects of their research topics to be published in Pure and Applied Chemistry. The next awarding for this Youth Prize will be given in 2013 to two winners, and the application information will be described on the IUPAC web site and the Conference web site

  • Best Oral Presentation by Postdoc, Graduate Research Seminar in Gordon Research Conference (Polymers West) - 2007
  • Gordon Research Conference Travel Award, 2007
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences Fellowship, 1999
He published more 30 peer-reviewed journal papers including Science, Nature, JACS, Nano Letters, Macromolecules, and Langmuir with more than 900 citations. His present citation is “Developing novel ABC star copolymer system toward multicompartment micelles”.

-News from IUPAC

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Conference Organized by NCS is over!!!

       The Nepal Chemical Society (NCS) in coperation with CENTRAL DEPARTMENT of CHEMISTRY,KIRTIPUR , KATHMANDU had organized a International Conference on "ADVANCED MATERIALS & NANOTECHNOLOGY". In that very conference  Scientist all over the world had joined. Conference was held in Kathmandu on this Oct.21 to 23, 2011.

     According to a member  of Chemical Society of Nepal it  tried to investigate and materalize the recent investigation going through nation and not only this it had provided unique opportunity for participants to share thier knowledge and interact with the global scientists in the field of advanced materials and nanotechnology and expand their scintific Horizons!! Its motto was International Conference on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (ICAMN)  for Sustainable Development.

      It is reminded that on March, 2011 a similar type of Conference was organized by Nepal Polymer Institute in Kathmandu.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Educational Tour Of CDC student

July7,Kathmandu.The student of the Central Department of Chemistry,Kirtipur" The 2009 Batch" have successfully organized the two day Educational Excursion.The excursion had been scheduled to Devghat,Sauraha,Hetauda,Daman and back to Kathmandu via byroad.

Since the Excursion was scheduled in the Rainy season,there was fear that rain may affect the free movement and the observation programme but luckly weather supported.

Students observed the Yeti paint Company curiously.The company provided a technician to make student easy to understand the related inquires.

Finally students returned to Kathmandu via ByRoad.On the Byroad they had taken the taste of Dhido and Local Kukhura ko Masu.